Chinese New Year 2013

The Chinese New Year 2013 will be the year of snake, while the element being water and the color
black; which makes its talisman “the black water snake”. According to the calculations it will begin
on 10-02-2013 and end on 31-01-2014. This article will enlighten the readers with the very detailed
facts of the year, from the different angles that comprises of general characteristics, expectations,
beliefs, activity and predictions; according to the astrologic calculations.

Year of Snake (General Characteristics):

Sentosa Singapore

Sentosa Singapore is Asia’s favorite playground which offers families and others a wealth of things to do. You could go on a Sentosa Singapore package tour and visit the playground with a group.


Singapore Zoo

The Singapore zoo is not your typical zoo, but rather an exciting chance to see animals from all parts of the world up close and personal in their natural habitat. One of the most impressive things of this zoo is how healthy and well cared for the Singapore zoo animals are.  The Zoo also provides a variety of different programs that all offer an educational as well entertainment experience.

Breakfast With Orangutans or Lunch With Lions!

Vietnam Public Holidays 2013 Calendar

Vietnam is a country that is popular for its tourism as well as its commerce. If you plan to travel to Vietnam, you should be aware of its public holidays as most businesses and all public institutions remain closed on these days. Vietnam celebrates about 8 or 9 public holidays, most of these holidays signify either a cultural event or a historic event. The public holidays of Vietnam follow either the Georgian calendar or the Lunar calendar so those that follow the Lunar calendar vary from year to year. Vietnam is also changing its policy about public holidays, they want to have the holidays over long weekends than to scatter them through the week. Here is the list of Vietnam Public holidays for 2013.

China Public Holidays 2013 Calendar

China plays an important part in the commerce today. It is also a very large country and a popular tourist destination. If you are wanting to visit China either for business or pleasure, it is advisable to be aware of the Public holiday in this country. Though various parts of the country may celebrate different holidays there are only seven national public holidays. Some of these holidays follow the Lunar calendar and their dates differ from year to year. Here is a list of the China Public holidays 2013 celebrated nationally.

Singapore Flyer

What is the Singapore flyer?

This is a giant Ferris wheel that is located right in the center of the city of Singapore. Now this is where you find the true meaning of the word giant because this flyer is indeed gigantic. If you love wild adventure and fun, you will no doubt want to go on the flyer and have a spin. However, there is no doubt that you are wondering about the flyer price that you will pay. Don’t worry because this is very affordable and more often than not, you will find a promotion running and you will pay much less.

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 which in other words is termed ‘Turkey Day’ is considered to be a one of the joyous days Canada and the United States often celebrates. The primary aim of this thanksgiving is purposely to thank God for his blessings on the country and also to asks for future blessings as well. Knowing more about this thanksgiving can be helpful in so many ways especially in Canada and the United States and this of course explains why it is mostly imperative to pay lots of attention on it when the celebration is approaching. On this special day, many families come together to have word. There is often a whole lot of family reunion and this is exactly the reason why it is considered necessary. Many people usually travel from around the world just to witness this celebration each and every year.

U. S. Federal Holidays 2013 Calendar

The United States is a popular travel destination for people from all over the world.  It’s exciting cities, quiet country side, beaches and mountains offer many interesting sites.  There is an abundance of sites to see, food to sample, and adventures to be had in this beautiful country.  However, anyone traveling to this country should be aware of the United States Federal Holidays due to the fact, that all of the Government offices are closed and many private businesses as well.  However, visitors who do visit during any of these Federal holidays may get the opportunity to see and experience different activities reserved for each of these specific holidays.
United States federal holidays are those public holidays recognized by the American Government.  During Federal holidays all those people who are employed by the Federal and State Governments are entitled to have those days off from work.  Any Federal (and usually state employee) who is required to work during any of these holidays receive both what is known as Holiday pay as well as their regular pay for that day. Some private companies also pay extra wages to any of their employees who work Federal holidays as well.

Cambodia Public Holidays 2013 Calendar

Cambodia is a country situated in the southern portion of the IndoChina Peninsula in south east Asia.It is officially known as The Kingdom of Cambodia, which is a constitutional monarchy, with the monarch chosen by the Royal Throne Council, as head of state. The tourism industry is the second largest source of hard currency in this country. As a tourist destination for many millions of people around the world, it is important to know the public holidays of this country. Here is a list of the public holidays of Cambodia for 2013.

New Year’s Day 2013, January 1st

Malaysia Public Holidays 2013 Calendar

Malaysia is a Federal Constitutional Monarchy in South East Asia. The country has many ethnic groups living in it and it has a multi cultural diversity. It became a subject to the British Empire in the 18th century and achieved its independence in 31st August 1957. Here is a list of Malaysia Public Holidays 2013.

New Years Day 2013, January 1st

This holiday is celebrated as the first day of the new calendar year.

Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday 2013, January 24th

This is a holiday celebrated by Muslims all over the world as the birth day of Prophet Muhammed, the founder of the Islam religion.