Chinese New Year 2013

The Chinese New Year 2013 will be the year of snake, while the element being water and the color
black; which makes its talisman “the black water snake”. According to the calculations it will begin
on 10-02-2013 and end on 31-01-2014. This article will enlighten the readers with the very detailed
facts of the year, from the different angles that comprises of general characteristics, expectations,
beliefs, activity and predictions; according to the astrologic calculations.

Year of Snake (General Characteristics):

The Chinese New Year 2013 (Snake) will communicate to colors as black, green and light blue. Its
element characterizes it as flexible, dynamic and changeable. Many astrologers conclude that these
traits tend to bring sudden changes to the lives which may be instable. With these beliefs they advice
people to keep things planned before they occur and evaluate those plans as much as possible being
very cautious about them.

The year of water snake occurs once in every 60 years; the previous year was 1953. Though the year
will be slow as compared to the previous year, it will yet bring success for the lucky ones. Because
the readers of this article have different Chinese zodiacs it is not possible to determine the “Man
Luck” (Impact on an individual’s life) of the Chinese New Year 2013 however the “Heaven Luck”
(Impact on the world) goes for the world as a whole thus it will be discussed from its different


The Chinese New Year 2013 is generally expected to be worse than the year 2012. It is believed
to be a fact that the year next to that of the Dragon is always worse; 2012 was the year of Dragon
which evaluates 2013 to be of inferior qualities.

Astrologers predict that the organizations of the current top levels will hold back those of the
bottom levels which assure that only a small number of amazing developments will be progressed in
any field.

According to the elemental theories water convenes fire in 2013 which means that the joy will be
settled by the fear. In simpler words the joy will be suppressed to an extent. If we apply this theory
to careers we yet get negative results. The administrative persona will not be at its best mood thus
carefulness should be adapted; especially in the second half of the year (May, August and November
to be precise). Those who have invested in stocks should also be very careful and they should better
find another game to play during the 3 months.

According to the heavenly stem calculations, it is expected that there will be more problems related
to natural disasters, water, electricity, food poisoning, logistics, transportation and gas; this is also

a warning to those who have particularly invested in the stocks of the related fields. People are
expected to get bad food more than they did in the year 2012 thus it is imperative to be very careful
about what we eat and our hygiene (Those who were born in the year of pig should note that they
have the chance of attracting this issue more than any other).

Location wise the south east Asia, North America, and European regions will have to face more
natural disasters than the other regions and also more intense than those of the year 2012. Thus
those who have another option should plan on moving to a place that is much safer geographically
and astrologically.


Some of the finest Chinese astrologers believe that every year is affected by the things that are
related to its symbol. For the Chinese New Year 2013 this symbol is “Si”: 巳(Snake). Different
astrologers have different beliefs, while some may use past instances to prove it others have
numerology or astrology related calculations to back up their faiths.

Moreover they believe that not only the object but the accident involves the elemental affect that
the year is related to (For 2013’s case it will be water). For example if the element is earth then there
could be a rollercoaster accident that would occur because of an earthquake.

One of the strongest clue is that in the coming year there will be accidents related to objects that are
similar to a snake i.e. a train, rollercoaster, pipes etc. that will affect enough people to bring the news
to the attention of all. A past instance that prove this theory as possible is the UFA train accident
which took place in 1989 (Year of Fire Snake); the train was affected by an explosion that took place
due to the leaking gas pipes besides which the train was passing. It killed 575 people and wounded
more than 600.

Medical research fields also use the symbol of snake, thus it is another common belief that there will
be an invention or discovery in the field of medicine. Because all of these beliefs are evaluated by
the Heaven Luck calculations it is necessary for them to be good enough to gain the eyes of people
from across the globe thus such a discovery would be very new and it could affect the world either
positively or negatively.

It is believed that in the month of September of the Chinese New Year 2013 the metal industries
will boom. Because metal is one of the hidden elements of the snake years it indicates that there
will be many successes related to metal. This can be a go card for those who have invested on metal
or were planning to, the best time would be a few months before September though so that the
investors get enough leverage to make a good living if not a fortune out of their investments.


Even though it is not possible to judge the affect of the Chinese New Year 2013 on the lives of
different people reading this article yet it is possible to guide them and enlighten them with activities

that may lead to a positive result purely calculated by astrologic methods. These activities comprise
of colors, directions, elements, stones, clothes etc.

As mentioned previously the lucky colors for the year are blues, greens and black. It will be good
to apply these colors where possible. Such as bed sheets, vehicles, offices, house, kitchens, dinner
tables, wallets etc. These colors will bring prosperity to any place that will have them. A good advice
would be to plan on a house renovation if as well the maintenance need calls for it along with the
Chinese New Year 2013 and change the color scheme to the one that shows off blue, green and
black the most.

According to astrology there are 8 different energies that visit to 8 different direction slots. To
achieve them it is necessary to apply those directions to the amenities of the location where you
live the most or to your postures. The 2 directions to completely refrain from are the west and the
southwest as they will bring health problems (especially in females), financial crisis and burglary/
theft of personal belongings. Along with avoiding the 2 directions also hang a metal wind chime at
the main entrance and the other doors if it doesn’t ruin the house décor. Changing the direction of
a bed, stove knobs, your face during work and your posture while you sleep are known to be most

Clothes are to be worn of the dark colors. Black will be the best while dark blues and greens are
better than others. For women tighter clothes are known to be luckier in the Snake year as the skin
of a snake is tighter. Furthermore a cloth of snake patterns are considered very lucky such as a tie,
bow, cap, belt, heels etc. Jewelries with precious and semi-precious bijou stone are ideal for the
Chinese New Year 2013.

Having a pine twig in your house or the workplace is also known to be good for the snake years as
snakes are attracted to it. Especially placing it at the center of dining table or office desk brings good
luck for work and family. The main concept is to please the snake, anything done to do so will bring
the best luck for the year. One example practiced by the best astrologers is hanging the talisman of
the year (Black water snake) to a meaningful belonging such as a Christmas tree.

If all these activities are maintained, astrologically you are all set to have one of the best years
even though it is not predicted to be one. It all depends on gathering the right energy, if an
individual has it, the Man Luck overrides the Heaven Luck regardless of its negative powers. In
more understandable words, if an individual caters his lifestyle to improve his personal luck he can
undermine the traits that are applied to the world’s fate.

The most prominent astrologers say that if an individual humbly wishes for the best year at the end
of the current year he is sure to get it. Therefore do not forget to wish the very best for the world
and yourself at the end of the current year for the betterment of the Chinese New Year 2013.

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