Sentosa Singapore

Sentosa Singapore is Asia’s favorite playground which offers families and others a wealth of things to do. You could go on a Sentosa Singapore package tour and visit the playground with a group.


Sentosa has many different attractions such as great beaches. There are roaring waves and many different watersports you can try out. There are fireworks, lights and water displays to enjoy. You can get close to friendly animals or stroll along the beach in silence. There’s of sandy white beaches for your enjoyment. At Siloso Point you can walk through many of the historical forts and have many underwater experiences. There are educational attractions here and to provide you with hours of fun. The easiest way to find your way around is to get a Sentosa Singapore map you can find great ones to print out online or you can visit  a travel agent for one. The Sentosa Singapore entrance fee will be different depending on how you get there. Click here for the details on the fees you will pay.

Sentosa Casino Singapore

Resorts World is a Sentosa Casino Singapore location that you can visit. There are plenty of casino games there and you can enjoy some good food. One the gaming floor you’ll enjoy many games such as dice games, card games, and typical casino slot machines. While there you can take in a live show and enjoy your evening at this Sentosa Casino Singapore location. Guest Service Ambassadors will make sure your stay there is a pleasant one.

Night Safari Sentosa Singapore

The Night Safari Sentosa Singapore is another place in Singapore where you can enjoy a great safari at night. This is an attraction that all tourists must see when they are in the area. This night safari Singapore location is not to be missed. You can take a 45 minute tram ride and get commentary as you travel across the landscape. You’ll see all kinds of wildlife eon the safari such as great Asia Rhino, golden jackal, and sambar deer. There’s Asian lion, sloth, and other animals to be see on this short safari too. You’ll embark on the Leopard Trail and you might see some flying squirrels too and some of these night squirrels are as large as a house cat. As you continue on your journey you can look out for giraffe, bongo, Nile hippos, bearded pigs, and the Malayan tiger. There are plenty of animals, birds and other creatures to see on this night safari Singapore adventure that you’ll go on.

Jurong Bird Park Singapore

At this park there are many different attractions and bird to see. Here are a few of the stunning attractions you can visit at the Jurong Bird Park Singapore attraction.

African Waterfall Aviary

This scenic walk-in aviary is one of the largest in the world and it’s a great place to see in the park. The ceiling is covered in netting so the sunshine gets in and the birds have plenty of room to fly around in the aviary. You can observe how birds feed as there are many feeders throughout this area. There are many Starlings and other birds. There’s a great waterfall here where you’ll see African Crowned Cranes

Jungle Jewels Flight Aviary

Here you can observe birds in close proximity and see birds in their natural rainforest habitat. There are many colorful birds here in the 2,300 meter avairy

Lory Loft

There are tons of Lory birds here and this is a great attraction to see in the park. Lories are native to Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.

Southeast Asian Birds Aviary

There are over 1,000 species of birds here. There are over 260 Southeast Asian species and this attraction showcases 100 of the regions endangered and exotic birds. This area houses these birds ina natural setting and this attraction makes for a nice walk.

More about Sentosa

Sentosa makes for a great vacation if you want to learn more about his area you can visit the Sentosa Singapore Wikipedia which will provide with details on the area. Be sure to book a Sentosa Singapore package tour if you want to travel to this area. This is a great vacation place and you’ll enjoy your time here.

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