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Diwali 2012 – Deepavali 2012

Deepavali the Festival of Light

Deepavali is another name for the famous Hindu festival Diwali. This is a combination of two names, Dipa, which means lamp and Awali, which means row or line. So in essence, this festival is referred to as the festival of the row of lights. It is indeed essential in that it marks the beginning of the Hindu year. It is widely celebrated in India and elsewhere in the world, wherever Hindus can be found. It is marked by exploding lights, fireworks and so forth. After all, it is the festival of lights. Just why is the festival so colorful? Hindus celebrate it to mark the triumph of light over darkness. In Sanskrit, light means good and darkness means evil. Therefore, this is a celebration of good overcoming evil. During this celebration, all   Hindu families light up little lanterns in their homes to welcome the New Year. It is a very important event to them.