U. S. Federal Holidays 2013 Calendar

The United States is a popular travel destination for people from all over the world.  It’s exciting cities, quiet country side, beaches and mountains offer many interesting sites.  There is an abundance of sites to see, food to sample, and adventures to be had in this beautiful country.  However, anyone traveling to this country should be aware of the United States Federal Holidays due to the fact, that all of the Government offices are closed and many private businesses as well.  However, visitors who do visit during any of these Federal holidays may get the opportunity to see and experience different activities reserved for each of these specific holidays.
United States federal holidays are those public holidays recognized by the American Government.  During Federal holidays all those people who are employed by the Federal and State Governments are entitled to have those days off from work.  Any Federal (and usually state employee) who is required to work during any of these holidays receive both what is known as Holiday pay as well as their regular pay for that day. Some private companies also pay extra wages to any of their employees who work Federal holidays as well.

New Year’s Day 2013 (Tuesday, January 1)

New’s year day is the celebration of the New year.  This holiday falls on January 1st of each year, and while most people in the United States mark this holiday by celebrating the night before on what is known as New Year’s Eve with parties and get together, where everyone counts down the final minutes of the old year and then cheers in the New Year as the clock strike midnight.  New Year’s day itself is usually celebrated quietly with family dinners, watching New Year’s Parades and then football games on television or in person.

Martin Luther King Day 2013 ( Monday January 21st )

Martin Luther King Day is a Federal Holiday that occurs the 3rd Monday of January each year.  This holiday is in honor of the slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King and is set aside to honor his many accomplishments.

Washington’s Birthday/ President’s Day (Monday February 18th)

Washington’s birthday also known as President’s day in honor of both the United States 1st president, George Washington and it’s 16th President, Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves held in this country. At one time these two president’s birthdays were celebrated as separate holidays, but after the passage of the Monday holiday bill giving workers a long 3 day weekend, these two holidays were combined and are now celebrated on the third Monday every February.

Memorial Day 2013 (Monday, May 27th)

Originally Memorial day was established and set aside as the day to decorate the graves of soldiers who died in the United States civil war.  Later this holiday grew to include all those who died in any war protecting the United States and the decorating of graves now includes family members who have died whether they served in armed services or not.

Memorial day is also the unofficial start of the summer season in the United States and is often celebrated by a combination of events that honor the fallen military and family get togethers.

Independence Day 2013 (Thursday, July  4th)

Independence day also known as the 4th of July is a holiday celebrating the United States declaring it’s independence from England in 1776.  This Holiday is often celebrated with family cookouts and picnics, and community fireworks after dark as well as parades and other events.

Labor Day 2013 (Monday, September 2)

Labor day is celebrated as the first Monday in September each year and celebrates the contributions of those in the United States Labor force.  It is also seen as the end of the summer season and is often celebrated by getting together with family and friends to enjoy the last activities of summer before children return to school and colder weather sets in.

Columbus Day 2013 (Monday, October 14th)

Columbus Day is celebrated in honor of Christopher Columbus who was once thought to have discovered America (he did land in the Bahamas).

Veterans Day 2013 (Monday November 11th)

Veterans day is held on November 11th each year in honor of those people both living and dead who have served in the United States armed forces.   While traditionally this holiday honors those who are veterans, in recent years it has also included remembering those brave men and women who are currently serving in the armed forces.

Thanksgiving 2013 (Thursday, November 28th)

Celebrated the forth Thursday of each November this holiday is set aside to celebrate the pilgrims who survived their first winter and harvest at Plymouth rock thanks to the Native Americans help and good will.  On this day families gather to celebrate their own renditions of the feast that the pilgrims and Native Americans shared.

Christmas 2013 (Wednesday December 25th)

Christmas day is set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus in the Christian Religion.  This holiday is filled with colorful lights, decorated trees, the singing of carols, attending of church services, and the opening of presents delivered by Santa Claus the night before.  Extended families and friends often share dinner together on this day.

While these are the Federal holidays in the United States there are many other holidays that celebrated by different religions and cultures that make up this diverse country.

Happy US Federal Holidays 2013

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