We are delighted to announce that we had a successful and productive courtesy visit to Ms. Kara Denise C. Frayco, Third Secretary & Vice Consul of the Embassy of the Philippines. The meeting, held at embassy, focused on fostering collaboration and discussing exciting plans for the upcoming ASEAN Festival.

During the meeting, Mr Eldrick Koh had the privilege to share details about the highly anticipated ASEAN Festival, set to take place in Kuala Lumpur on mid November. The event aims to showcase the vibrant cultures, diverse cuisines, and unique traditions of the ASEAN nations, including the Philippines.

Ms. Frayco expressed her enthusiasm for the festival and commended the initiative to promote ASEAN unity and cultural exchange. She emphasized the significance of such events in strengthening ties between ASEAN countries and fostering mutual understanding among their people.

The ASEAN Festival promises to be a platform for cultural appreciation, culinary delights, tourism promotion, and trade opportunities. With the support and participation of the Embassy of the Philippines, the festival is expected to offer an enriching experience for visitors and participants alike.

GenYouth extends its heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Kara Denise C. Frayco and the Embassy of the Philippines for their support and partnership in making the ASEAN Festival a resounding success.

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