1. Can we use our own POS (Point of Sale) system?

Yes, you are allowed to use your own POS system, but payment transactions must go through our official payment partner if you are taking our FREE Booth.

2. Can we use our own payment terminals, or must we use your ‘official payment partner’?

If you are taking our FREE booth, you are required to go through our official payment partner for a seamless and secure payment experience. Details will be provided upon vendor confirmation.

3. Can I choose to pay for the booth rental instead of taking the free booth?

Yes, you are allowed to do that; all payments will go through your own payment method.

4. What happens if I don’t show up for the event?

In the event of a no-show, the security deposit will be forfeited. We advise all vendors to adhere to the committed schedule to avoid any inconvenience.

5. Can I use my own payment method for the FREE booth?

No, vendors opting for the FREE booth must use the Official Payment Partner. If it is discovered that vendors have used their own payment method while taking the FREE booth, the security deposit will be forfeited.

6. Is the market area covered?

No, the market area is open space, but each vendor will provide an Arabian tent to protect vendors and visitors from unexpected weather conditions.

7. Do you provide electricity for each booth?

Yes, electricity will be provided for vendors, one unit per booth (as per the price stated in the google form). Please inform us in advance about your specific electrical requirements, or require additional unit especially if you plan to bake or cook on-site.

8. Can I use power point extension cords for my booth?

No, power point extension cords are not allowed for vendor booths.

9. Am I allowed to cook using gas at my booth?

No, cooking using gas is strictly prohibited. Only electric cookers are allowed. Open fire is not permitted.

10. What are the requirements for F&B vendors involving cooking?

For F&B vendors involving cooking, a fire extinguisher is required. This is in accordance with mall safety terms and conditions. Ensure that you comply with this safety measure for the well-being of all participants and visitors.

11. What is the booth size, and are there any partitions?

Each booth will be 10’ x 10’ (Gate Plaza; vendor usage 6′ x 10′) or 8′ x 8′ (Roof-top; vendor usage 6′ x 8′) in size, and there are no partitions between booths.

12. Can I bring additional POSM or branding materials for my booth?

Yes, you are welcome to bring additional bunting and branding materials to decorate your booth. However, please ensure that they adhere to the provided space and do not obstruct neighboring vendors or walkways.

13. Are there restrictions on the types of products that can be sold?

Products related to ASEAN cultures, handicrafts, foods and beverages, souvenirs, and cultural artifacts are welcome. All products must adhere to local regulations and ethical standards.

14. What are the setup and teardown timings for vendors?

Setup can begin on 29th November, and teardown should be completed by the evening of 3rd/ 4th December 2023. Detailed schedules will be provided closer to the event date.

15. Is there assistance available for setting up our booth?

Yes, there will be event staff available to assist you with the setup and answer any questions you may have.

16. Is there security provided for the booths overnight?

Yes, there will be security personnel present overnight. However, vendors are advised not to leave valuable items unattended.

17. How will vendors be promoted?

We will extensively promote the event through social media, local publications, and partner networks.

If you have any further queries or need additional assistance, please WhatsApp our support team at +6011-1122 6322. We are here to ensure your experience at the ASEAN Market is both successful and enjoyable.